PyGithub is a Python library to access the full Github API v3. This is the documentation of the v2. While v2 is in alpha stage, you may want to continue to use v1.

This documentation is structured as follows:

Migration strategy and maintenance schedule


The Alpha phase of PyGithub v2 started on March 2nd, 2014. As of Jully 11th, we are still in the Alpha phase. During this phase:

  • You should continue to use v1 for your projects: I will continue to maintain v1, investigate and fix bugs and accept pull requests for new features but I won’t spend time implementing new features.
  • You can use v2 if you want to have a preview or if you want to contribute to its development. v2 will be unstable: its API and behavior can change without any restriction. Development of v2 happens in branch develop_v2. Versions are taged v2.0.0-alpha.N where N is a simple integer.
  • I’m not publishing v2 on PyPI, you have to clone it from GitHub.


The Beta phase will start when I publish the first package for v2 on PyPI (v2.0.0-beta.1). During this phase:

  • You should use v2 in your projects if you can tolerate small changes. API and behavior should be stable and will change only to fix bugs and unintuitive things.
  • I will create a branch master_v2 pointing to the code of last beta package published, while development goes on in branch develop_v2.


After the release of the first stable v2 (v2.0.0):

  • You should use v2 for your new projects and migrate your existing projects to v2.
  • I will maintain v1 for 3 months (only to investigate and fix bugs).
  • v1 will be maintained in branch master_v1, and the branches master and develop will be hard-reset to their corresponding _v2.

Then after 3 months I will stop maintaining v1. Branch master_v1 and associated tags will stay in the git repository for archive purpose only.

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